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Castlebeard Gentle Scrub Beard Wash
  • Castlebeard Gentle Scrub Beard Wash

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    Our Beard Wash will gently cleanse your skin and beard, ejecting oils, grime and dirt. This coconut derivative based cleanser will clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Wheat protein ensures this cleanser is easy on sensitive skin. The healing properties of Vitamin E & D3 helps with dry skin & restores moisture. Sesame Oil and panthenol helps with elasticity and repairs collagen leaving your beard clean, soft and supple.

    Our beard wash natural formula is made for men's skin and hair. Designed to clean your skin, cutting through oil and grime without striping your skin of its natural oils. Use Castlebeard beard wash to grow your beard faster by cleaning our your pores and strengthening your hair follicles at the roots.

    Ethically sourced. For men.

    ✔️Boosts Collagen - smoothing your skin and beard hair, improving elasticity
    ✔️ Prevents Hair Loss - Wheat protein sinks into your beard due to its lightweight and adds protein structures to your beard, repairing and increasing hair strength
    ✔️Soothes your skin and prepares it to accept other treatments and enhances their effects
    ✔️Vitamin E adds bounce to your hair & skin with its powerful conditioning properties
    ✔️Deep conditioning - softens your beard over time with consistent use

    How To Use

    Wet face and neck. Place a small amount of beard wash in your palm and massage into your beard and face including neck. Rinse beard thoroughly.



    Purified Water, Soy and Coconut Based Surfactant, Dodecyl Alcohol, Hydrogulfae, Cocoamidopropyl Betine, Sulfate of Lauryl Alcohol, Lauramide Dea, Glycerin, Sodium Monochloride, Sodium Salt of EDTA, Honey, Wheat Protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, Sesame Oil, Panthenol

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