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Shower Steamers - Lemongrass Mint (6)
  • Shower Steamers - Lemongrass Mint (6)

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    Experience a luxurious spa treatment in your own shower with our Lemongrass Mint Shower Steamers. Each package contains 6 individually wrapped tablets that can be used 1-2 times each. Simply unwrap one tablet and place it on a flat surface in your shower. Dampen the tablet to activate the natural aromas of lemongrass and mint. Enjoy a refreshing and invigorating spa experience in your own shower

    Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, citric acid, witch hazel, menthol, lemongrassessential oil, spearmint essentialoil, eucalyptus essential oil.

    Spring, Springtime, Bath Bomb, Summer, Easter, Easter Basket, Mother's Day, Birthday Present, Wellness, Metaphysical, Crystals, Self Care, Self-care, Shower, Shower Steamer

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