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Full Beard Grooming Kit
  • Full Beard Grooming Kit

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    Beard Oil: 1oz. (30 ml.), Beard Balm: 2oz. (59 ml.)  Wash & Conditioner 8oz. each (237 ml.) | Supply Lasts 2 months


    This kit is designed to give you everything you need to care for your beard on a daily. Beard Wash and Conditioner, Beard Oil and Balm. All designed to give you a healthy, well groomed masterpiece of a beard.

    One kit contains:

    One Beard Oil 

    One Beard Balm

    One Mustache Wax

    One Beard Wash 

    One Beard Conditioner 

    One Brown Sandalwood Beard Comb

    + 1 month supply of  vitamins!

    Castlebeard balm ensures pliable, soft hair and gives you a hold that lasts for hours. Castlebeard oil deep conditions your beard preventing beardruff, ensuring your hair follicles get nutrients at the roots. Castlebeard formulas are designed to promote fast growth, restore moisture, deep condition and soften. 

    Castlebeard supplements contain beard fuel nutrients to boost your beard growth while keeping it healthy by volumizing your beard hair, promoting length and thickness. Our natural blend of ingredients will give your beard everything it needs to be fabulous. 

    USA Made. Cruelty Free. 

    How to use

    Use daily after you shower or after washing your beard. Apply to a dry beard for best results. Drop a dime sized amount of oil on your palm. Run your fingers through your facial hair, starting from the neck and working up, making sure to rub the oil into the skin and massage.

    Disclosure: The comb in the kit picture may vary from kit to kit.

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