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Eagle Beard Comb
  • Eagle Beard Comb

    60٫50$ سعر عادي
    39٫33$سعر البيع
    مستثناة ضريبة

    These combs are bench made and we've been making them since 2016. You must be tired of weak combs and brushes that fluff. Detangle any beard. Super thick or super curly is no match for this gift to beard with very strong teeth, you won't snap this comb like you do wood or plastic. A once in a lifetime purchase and so well worth the buy.

    Hand polished at a bench using American Stainless, use this as a large EDC or keep it at home for the start of your daily routine.

    Imperial = 6.37in x 1.5in / Metric = 162 x 38

    وحدة SKU: 3bf0326a#1

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