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Cedar Wood Organic Beard Balm

Cedar Wood Organic Beard Balm

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The Cedar Wood blend moisturizes and conditions your skin and keeps your beard soft and manageable, with a subtle cedar, woodsy scent. It is the most subtle scent of our blends. Two sizes available -0.5oz - Great for traveling and trying new scents. -2oz - A better value when you know what you like.

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter - provides vitamins and minerals and moisturizes dry, itchy, flaky skin

Organic Coconut Oil - helps keep your skin and follicles moisturized and healthy

Organic Beeswax - helps provide some hold to contain the stray hair

Organic Castor Oil - loaded with nutrients, it is said to help repair damaged follicles

Organic Jojoba Oil - antioxidant properties help repair damaged cells

Organic Cedar Wood Oil - we use it for the scent.

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